February Favorites


– The art of living alone and loving it by Jane Matthews

I found this book a while ago when I was browsing through the Higginbothams store in Anna Salai and it just sparked an interest in my head. I’ve been living away from my parents for almost 6 months now and being the emotional soul that I am, find struggle in every small thing that I have to take care of while being independent. Even though being independent gives you the freedom and power it also squeezes away all your energy! From sweeping the flat every day, doing the dishes, paying bills, finding good places to eat , doing laundry, every lil thing seems daunting when the fact of living alone strikes me and I guess that’s why I smiled when I read the name of this book because voila! someone I can finally relate to!
Oh those lil joys of finding a precious book randomly on a stroll!
And this book didn’t disappoint me at all, except for when the author suggests you to chew on gum instead of snacking ( don’t chew gum, it sends a wrong message to your stomach that food is coming but it doesn’t and then your stomach gets disappointed and all the acid it secreted for the digestion to take place goes in vain. ) 
Also I couldn’t mostly relate to the food and budgeting part of it because we live in India and she’s an Australian, cultures differ so, there’s nothing much to say there but I am going to apply the basic principles of budgeting that she mentions.
Overall it was a really good book, I would definitely suggest it to you if you are a female living alone no matter the age , due to any circumstance and are willing to make your alone time better and grow through it. If you’re a male just skip this, the content is more relatable as a female and I don’t think a male reader will find it as impactful as I did.

yum in my tum

Morning Tea
– this is the most grateful part of my morning routine back in Pune .
Appa wakes up everyday and makes us this yummy steaming hot healthy tea that is filled with all his love! Oh Yum!
I have a blog post on it . If you’re interested in the recipe here’s the link to it
This tea is a really good start to my mornings – the ones which I wake up early in , because when I wake up past 8:00 a.m I just brush and go straight to eat breakfast! Haha!

Kanhaiya’s Vada Pav
Nothing excites me like street food!
Guilty pleasure!
I am a regular to this place Kanhaiya Sweets, where you get all kinds of sweets and snacks but I’m only interested in their Vada Pavs.
They have a unique taste to them and living close by makes it easier! Hah!
Whenever I’m in Pune I make sure to satisfy my taste buds that have been craving them!
Here’s the link to find them on Google.


I have had to stay back in Pune with my parents and sister for a while and I’m glad I got this break. After staying away for work for a few months being back feels bliss and I’m grateful for this time. One can’t easily judge my work, some days you don’t have any work at all, other days you have to squeeze 25 hours in 24 to get the work done and it is complicated and a lot stressful and especially when you’re living alone and the only people you get to socialise with is people at work and you have to be careful about what you’re telling whom and it’s all a huge maze, but I’m finding my way through. Taking breaks gives you a huge relief from all of that , from the mundane routine- waking up late, eating home food, hugging mom whenever I want to, fighting with my sister, writing to do lists and not caring about striking them off and so much more!
I asked my Dad to take out our old albums from storage and looking at them made me cry for some reason. I still don’t know why I cried but I think that just tells you how family is an integral part of our lives and that we should treasure them for life.

It was by coincidence that a friend of mine for 6 years came back to Pune ( he works in Udaipur now) just when I came! Wow!  Glad that we met even if it was for a very brief time when he ate 4 Vada pavs and all we did was act crazy on streets and take pictures.
Later that week I had a impromptu girls night out with my gal pals, my sister and one of my friend’s sister and it was so much fun to just laugh and hang out!


This is us
I started watching this show on amazon prime and man! Is it the best?!
The story revolves around people born on the same day. I used to have a belief that people born on the same dates are usually similar, their characteristics and behavior, but this show contradicts those beliefs. It’s interesting how we all are the same yet so different from each other and how the situations we grow up in change us and mould us into who we are at the present moment.
It revolves around a family , an amazing family and tells you how not everything is perfect but life is nothing but a train of memories and it is our responsibility to make it a lively ride! I’m on the second season now and I can’t wait to watch more. I would definitely suggest you to watch this if you haven’t, it will kindle all kinds of feelings inside of you and make you wonder and think about life.


Blue light protecting glasses
for the past few months more of office work is happening and it requires staring into computer screens for hours every day and this led to a lot of pain in my eye and hence I looked up solutions and found something called blue light protecting glasses
I’ve only used them for the past month and I’m pretty satisfied with them, ever since I’ve worn them my eyes don’t hurt at all.
But that also doesn’t mean you put on a pair of these and keep exposing yourself to bad radiation! 
Its not bad radiation per se , this type of radiation is present naturally in sunlight and it doesn’t affect us much, but the screens that we use have only those radiations, because they help you stay awake – like coffee –  more precisely your eyes stay wide open and prolonged exposure to only blue light can have some serious effects on your eyes.
But before having an adrenaline rush and running to the store to buy one for yourself, think about it and only if you think its necessary consult a professional and go ahead.
Here are some articles I found useful
and this is the link to the exact frame that I’m using . ( Keep in mind that the link is for frame only, the lens is not blue light protector.)
You get ready-made blue light protecting glasses in any optics store with limited frame options ( as far as I’ve enquired they were around 1500 – 2500 ) , if you’d like to chose a separate frame that’s an option too but it costs more around rs 3000- rs 4000 depending on what frame you chose, and they will be made and delivered to you in a day or two. 

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