What is it that I do at work? Let me tell you. Part 1

Hey! Welcome back! I know, I’ve been procrastinating but that’s acceptable because my laptop was out for service and I’m not comfortable with phones, so now that my laptop is here, without further a due let’s get going.
“Stand next to the camera, Jayashree.”
“Jayashree, how many times have I told you, check the frame, check the frame!”
” Don’t run like a headless chicken, Jayashree”
“Work smart, not hard.”
“Visualise the concept in mind, then it’ll be easy for you”
“Be shameless, just shout, don’t worry about what other people think.”
” Jayashree, scream, it won’t work out if you speak like this!”
“You have to take responsibility Jayashree.”
“Order them to do the work, you don’t do it. You should know what work should be given to whom.”
“Whenever you go out, look around, you might find something interesting to use on set.”
” Ni alukka irukalam but un vela alukka irukka kudathu.” i.e “You can look/be dirty but your work shouldn’t. ”   – are some of the life lessons I’ve learnt from my work mom. Have you read about her? Head over to my first post – The first post 

When mam took me for the job of an assistant she mainly wanted me to focus on props/ properties – in practical terms, a prop is considered to be anything movable or portable on a stage or a set, distinct from the actors, scenery, costumes, and electrical equipment.
Now there are two things
1. Set properties/Properties
2.Action properties
What’s a set property? For example

Screenshot (11).png

A frame from the film MASAAN -here the 3+2 sofa, centre table, books on the left, the painting, the curtains, torchlight above the switch board , the calendar on the right, cushions etc these are all set properties, i.e properties that make a set what it is, these properties add character to the set, it visually tells you what kind of home, their taste, their tradition, their organisation etc

So what’s and action property? -action property, as the name suggests it is a property which is necessary for the action in the scene to happen.
For example- screenshot-6

A frame from the movie DANGAL ( Absolutely loved the Production Design in this! Laxmi Keluskar and Sandeep Meher ) – here the milk can is an action property, a property used in action. Simple. or


A frame from the movie SAIRAT (A must watch people!!) – The hero’s Mother and sister are washing utensils, hence the utensils here are action properties.

The following is one of the best action property ever!

Screenshot (10).png

The weapon used by Archana in the film is an action property.

So yes, I was assigned to take responsibility for properties, and most of the time I mess up in something or the other, either it’s curtain or their rods.When the curtains are taken care of I mess up with the rods, when the rods are taken care of I mess up the curtains. Dear Curtain God, have some mercy! Well mam , if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry for all the blunders I do.
Well, you must be wondering where we get all these properties from, so the furniture, fabric, small properties, action properties, 1. we make them, 2.rent them – there are property rent shops for films, we have to go mark whatever property we want in advance, inform our location details etc – or 3. buy them, considering the budget is important here.

Well, that’s not all about properties, there’s more to come. Hope you had a good time reading. Ciao.

PS: I should really find better ways to end my blogs.
Proofreaders are welcome.

Reference: Google, Wikipedia, Youtube.

3 thoughts on “What is it that I do at work? Let me tell you. Part 1

  1. Hi! I’m a huge fan of your boss. It’s so awesome to get an insight into her (and your) work through your blog. And in such an easy and entertaining writing style too! Thank you so much for deciding to blog. Waiting for more!


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