The Power of Visuals.

Disclaimer: The following content is entirely based on my individual views and understandings.

“I didn’t go to film schools, I went to films”Quentin Tarantino

I started this blog to write down my experiences, but on the other hand I want it to be informative too. So here’s the fun part people, let’s gain knowledge without wasting much time or getting bored.

Wait, don’t go! I request everyone reading this blog to take a break from whatever you’re doing and watch this 5 min video for me – In Praise Of Chairs. Yes, that it how much detailing goes into making good films.

Okay, so think about the best time of your life? Did visual images of your past flash in front of you? How did you feel for that fraction of a second?
It has been proved that if memories or information are visually stored in our brain they last longer, this is why mind mapping techniques are used. Yes, that is the power of visual images, they create a huge impact on you,they haunt you,they change your mood within that fraction of a second that they appear.
Now, imagine this for me, you’re at home, you’ve been eagerly waiting for the cricket world cup match, given a choice what would you prefer? Watching the live match on television or listening to the live broadcast on the radio? Both of them are live but most of us will prefer watching it on television. Why? Because visuals please you, they make you feel alive, they bring in the whole mood, they provide you with details of what is happening and more.

Similarly, film is a visual medium, and it is every departments responsibility and job to make sure their information, feeling, emotion, character, situation etc is conveyed  visually, because that’s their only option.There are innumerable theories and books that talk about how films visually induce a character’s emotions in you so strong that you start relating to the character and ultimately become that character. Isn’t that fascinating?!
Well, too many cooks spoil the dish and too much information,well, need I say! Looking forward to share more knowledge about the art of film making in more interesting ways, ciao!

Here’s a behind the scenes of my first TV commercial-Parachute ayurvedic– as an art assistant –

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